Drawdown Climate Solutions

We can stop global warming – the solutions are right here

Every day at Project Drawdown we are asked, “What can I do to solve the climate crisis?” The answers are all around us. Solutions to climate change are in our daily lives right now. And we have no time to lose putting them in motion.

Which solution surprises or inspires you? Who would benefit from knowing about it?  Use the icons on each solution’s web page to share a solution via email to an elected official, policy maker, or business leader.  Share your favorite solution on Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of social channels.  Add the hashtag #ClimateSolutions for greater reach.

On this landmark Earth Day, you CAN make a difference. Explore the sectors below with 86 solutions that are in place now. Find one that moves you and start working on it today!
Project Drawdown, 4/21/2020


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