About Earth Rising

Earth Rising is a grassroots environmental group started in Brown County by a small group of citizens from different backgrounds who share a common concern for the environment. Our mission statement is simple: “To learn and to share how to tread lightly on the earth”. Our “logo” is a photo image of the earth taken by NASA astronaut William Anders while in lunar orbit during the 1968 Apollo 8 mission. The press dubbed the photo Earth Rising.

The members of our group share information about the environment, climate crisis, and sustainable living practices that we have gleaned from reputable publications and programs we’ve attended, as well as our own life experiences. Our goal is to raise community awareness about the unfolding climate crisis and to encourage ourselves and others to make positive changes that will help to ameliorate some of our negative impact on the earth. We also hope to make solid relationships with other like-minded individuals and organizations that will provide mutual strength in the probability of difficult times ahead. We aspire to be staunch advocates and peaceful activists for the earth and its inhabitants.

Contact us at info@earthrisingbrowncounty.org.